Favorite Money Saving Tips from Crown Financial Ministries

The Crown team makes it a priority to “practice what we preach”, which means that we have an office full of brilliant budgeters, savers, and investors, all serving as faithful stewards, eager to hear the words, “well done, good and faithful servant”.

Because our staff is full of creative and practical ideas, we asked them to share some of their best savings and budgeting tips. Here are some of their answers.  

Megan Buerkle, Career & Work Department: When you go out to eat, search the menu for what you think you want, and then pick something that’s $3 less. My husband and I do this regularly and save at least $6 per meal! We also Google coupons and use a particular store’s app to check for discounts or coupons before checking out.

Chuck Bentley, CEO: Set up an automatic withdrawal from your paycheck to a savings account, and adjust your tax withholdings so you have more cash in your account each month. Drive used cars, rent a car for long road trips, and have enough saved so you can take advantage of high deductible insurance coverage.

Amy Hubbard, Poverty Initiatives: Immediately transfer money to savings from every paycheck. Also check coupon apps like RetailMeNot before you check out at a store, or if you’re trying to decide where to take a group for lunch. Restaurant with the best deal wins!

Melinda Hayes, Client Services: Always plan ahead! Don’t go shopping without a list, don’t make impulse purchases, and answer these 3 questions before making any big purchases: 1) How often will I/we use this? 2) Do we have a place to store it? 3) Is it worth it?

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