The Whole Credit Card Package

When you need to reach for a credit card this Christmas season, reach for the one that has the whole package. Entrust Financial CU credit cards offer peace of mind in knowing that when you use them, they bring more opportunities your way.

Saves You Money
How competitive are Entrust Financial CU cards? Very, in fact. When you look at the average credit card rate for those with excellent credit and compare it to ours, we can beat the rate by more than 5 percentage points. Lower rates means less money coming out of your pocket. Better yet, our introductory rates start at 0% for 6 months, so you have time to pay it off, interest-free. Take a look at how our cards stack up to others.

Gives You Free Stuff
When you use your Entrust Financial CU credit card, you receive valuable discount offers from hundreds of brand-name retailers - from Crate&Barrel to Papa Johns to Nine West. Check out this month's discount offers. REWARDS Platinum credit cardholders also have access to the CURewards mall, and receive bonus points and special offers from more of your favorite stores.

Gives Back
We are not your typical credit union. Just like when a portion of our vehicle loan interest earnings goes back to missions, a portion of our credit card earnings goes back to missions as well. Entrust Financial CU has given more than $100,000 to missions over the years - thanks to your support and using our products.