Steady plodding can bring prosperity!

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Steady plodding can bring prosperity. Here's a member story to encourage you...

Latoya has been diligently saving money with every paycheck. In fact, she would have us automatically deduct $10 from each paycheck and deposit it into her savings account. Once she saved $1,000, we celebrated with her and encouraged her to consider opening a money market account to earn more dividends monthly, while still accessible should an emergency arise. She is now working hard to save one month's living expense and then 3 months living expenses.

Deposit rates continue to be on the rise! Consider our money market and certificate accounts so you can earn more to save more! Click here to review our rates, which are reviewed weekly.

If you wish to open a certificate or money market account, you can easily do this by...

1. Log into Online Banking. Click on the All Services tab from your Dashboard. Click Open New Account. Choose the money and/or certificate you wish to open.

2. Complete this form and we will contact you.

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Learn More About Entrust

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