The "Why" Behind the Merger with ValleyStar Credit Union

September 24, 2018

Dear Valued Member,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the President/CEO of Entrust Financial Credit Union! Thank you for your steadfast commitment to your credit union so we can support the work you have been called to do. We appreciate you!

I would like to take this opportunity to go deeper into the "why" for a merger with ValleyStar Credit Union.  

Entrust is financially secure!  Our $75 million in assets and net worth of 8.3% are safe and secure.  In fact, our state regulators consider us well-capitalized. This merger is not being pursued because of anything wrong with our current financial position. This merger is about ensuring we are here for you - our members- in the future, whether you live locally or around the world. As a small credit union, the cost of staying on pace with enhancements to technology continues to grow. For our work to remain compliant with evolving government regulations, it requires resources and operating costs to bridge the gap. With our worldwide membership, the costs to serve you can be substantially higher than that of other credit unions our size. We know that as regulation changes continue to come over the next few years, it will substantially effect our capital. With limited capital, it will make it more difficult for us to remain relevant and serve your basic needs year after year. With all of this being said, we want to ensure our heritage and your needs are met however, whenever and wherever, regardless of what the marketplace offers us.  

We want to be proactive! We do not want to wait until there is a situation in the future, whether economic or regulatory, that will put us in a position that requires us to merge with another credit union. If this were to happen, we cannot ensure Entrust's values will be maintained. Therefore, it is our hearts desire to find a partner that will continue with the same level of commitment to your good work. Trust that our merger partner, ValleyStar, is committed to supporting you now and in the future.   

Why ValleyStar? The credit union was founded in 1953 as Martinsville Dupont Employees Credit Union and became a community chartered credit union in 1994. They have a strong commitment to the financial well-being of their members and community. They are excited to have an opportunity to walk alongside you with encouragement and solutions during any season of your life. The following are a few more reasons that we believe ValleyStar is the ideal partner:  

  • Representation on ValleyStar's Board and Executive Team. Knowing this, my hope is you will gain peace of mind that the values and heritage of Entrust are well represented.   
  • Ministry Division. I am excited to share that our focus on the faith community will continue. A ministry division will be created to operate out of our current Richmond location. This division will continue our focus on the faith community we serve, international services that many rely on, and additional opportunities such as commercial and church lending.  We will be able to expand our reach to serve more of the faith community and build on all of the good work that has been done over the years.    
  • Sharing time, talent and treasures. We will continue to give of ourselves in and outside of the office so we can selflessly serve our members and community. ValleyStar will continue making financial donations to support the good work of non-profits locally and around the world.    
  • Higher dividends on deposit accounts. You will have the opportunity to earn higher dividends on your Entrust deposit accounts with ValleyStar. You will also earn dividends on your checking accounts too.    
  • Serving others with our work. We will be able to have a stronger presence in the communities we serve because of additional local branches. We will carry our mission further - that all people have a higher purpose and have a calling and we wish to provide the financial solutions to help this become a reality!     

I along with the Board of Directors affirm that ValleyStar is the ideal partner to ensure the mission and heritage of Entrust continues to thrive. They will continue all of our local, national and international products and services, while enhancing our technology. We promise to work diligently to make this merger as seamless as possible.

At any time during the process, please feel free to reach out to me or my team with your questions and concerns at or 804.353.8012. Click here to review our latest updates to the FAQ for the merger. The ballots to vote for this merger will be mailed to the address we have on file soon. Please be sure to verify your mailing address as soon as possible. Again, thank you for allowing me to lead Entrust into a new season.



Lisa Lambrecht

President & CEO