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Meet (En)Trusty, our sweet pup, who is helping us share a special opportunity for you to consider financing a vehicle loan with us! If you have been thinking about purchasing a vehicle or refinancing your current vehicle loan with another lender - whether a new or used car, boat, RV or motorcycle - now may be the BEST time to take the next step.

Make your heart sing with...

1. No payments for 90 days so you can get your spending plan ready for this new addition.1

  • Sometimes we have to purchase a vehicle. The experience can be so exciting! It can also feel like one more obligation to work into your spending plan when there is already so much going on in life!?! Whether you purchase a new or used vehicle or allow us an opportunity to refinance your current vehicle with another lender, you have the option of making the first payment 90 days from when your loan is finalized!1 This will give you time to
    settle into your spending plan with this new monthly expense!

2. (En)Trusty wants to fill up the tank for your new ride! From now until Friday, August 31, we will give you a $50 Visa Gift2 Card to use for gas or whatever you like. 

  • Have you noticed that gas prices have increased since this time last year? According to AAA, gas prices have increased by almost $.55. So to fill up your car with 12 gallons of gas, it will cost you $34 versus $27. It's a $7 increase, which can add up! We want to fill your tank! When you purchase a new or used vehicle or allow us an opportunity to refinance your vehicle loan with another lender, we will give you a $50 Visa Gift Card to make the miles traveled a bit easier! (Just so you know, we are including RVs, boats and motorcycles in this offer!)

3. Competitive rates, which may mean lower payments to make your spending plan happier!

Did you know the costs to produce and finance vehicles may steadily increase? Here is why!

  • The cost to produce vehicles may begin to increase because of potential government regulations. Therefore, many automakers may pass some of their costs to us. Learn more here.
  • The Federal Funds Rate, which is determined by the Federal Reserve, can guide the decision for lenders to increase or decrease rates. In June, this rate increased by .25%. Typically an increase in the Federal Funds Rate causes an increase in loan rates.  Learn more here. (On the bright side, you should also see deposit rates increase!)

FACT: Entrust's vehicle loan rates are currently as low as 2.99% APR3. The average auto loan rate for 36 months is 3.71% APR based on research conducted by ValuePenguin

4. A donation being made to good work happening locally and around the world with every vehicle we finance - whether it is new to you or you allow us to refinance from another lender.4

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Contact us about our Love The Ride offer!

Contact us about our Love The Ride offer!

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1 You have the option of making no payments for 90 days. Interest will accrue from the day of the loan’s disbursement 2 We will give you a $50 Visa Gift Card towards your first tank of gas. Indirect loans will not qualify for the Visa Gift Card. Visa Gift Card incentive available thru August 31, 2018. 3 APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Quoted rate is the lowest available. Not all applicants will qualify. Rate will be based on individual credit qualification and may be higher. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Payment example: 36 month term, 2.99% APR and $12,000 loan. The payment would be $348.46. 4 15% of the first month’s interest is donated to our GoodWorks program. Membership eligibility requirements apply. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Must be new money to Entrust.