Social Responsibility & Community Service

Dora Maxwell

The results are in! Our entry to the Virginia Competition of the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service allowed us to receive Second Place for our good work.

Our entry was about our work at the Richmond City Justice Center. Have you heard about this? Throughout 2017, we would meet with men or women that were 60-90 days from being released from incarceration to teach them bibilically-based financial education. If the men and women who attended our class chose to start a relationship with us upon their release, we would deposit the initial $5 into their savings account. It was amazing to see the life transformations taking place when these hopeful individuals would walk into the credit union to open their account. We showed our attendees kindness and love as we walked alongside them during this season of life.

Our good work continues to expand! We continue to seek non-profits in the Richmond area that have individuals, who desire financial education and a relationship with a financial institution that will not judge them for their past, but believe that they are created for a higher purpose and want to provide solutions to them that allow them to fulfill their life's calling. We collaborate with Into The Neighborhood, Urban Hope, The REAL Life program and more to bridge this gap of financial education - especially when they become employed.

How can you support this work? When you invest in us, you allow us an opportunity to continue this work. We encourage you to discern how we can strengthen our relationship together so we can have an impact on those that feel hopeless!

Who is Dora Maxwell?

Dora Maxwell was an early credit union pioneer, and was one of the original signers of the Credit Union National Association's (CUNA) constitutions at Estes Park in Colorado. She worked as an organizer for the movement's trade association and held numeroud volunteer positions at the local and national level. In addition to organizing hundreds of credit unions, she developed volunteer organizer clubs and worked with organizations on behalf of the poor.