Debit and Credit Card Compromise at Target

It was recently made public by Target Corporation that the debit and credit card information of their clients had been compromised by an unknown party. This compromise involved approximately 40 million cards.  Reports indicate that the customer name, card number, card expiration date, and the CVV three-digit code were all stolen in the compromise. This is certainly a concerning development and the team at Entrust Financial Credit Union is here to help. For specific details on the Target breach, please visit their site.

What is Entrust Financial Credit Union doing?

Entrust has a fraud protection system in place to reduce the potential for card fraud. As we receive information about debit and credit cards that are affected, we will notify those members individually with more information.

Am I at risk?

If you shopped at a Target in the U.S. between November 27 and December 15, there is a good chance your card information may have been stolen. This does not mean there is an immediate threat to your account. You are also protected by the Visa and MasterCard Zero-Liability Guarantees.  Our card fraud protection system is still in place and will continue to monitor transactions for signs of potential fraud.

What can I do to protect myself?

The most effective course of action currently is to simply monitor your account on a regular basis to make sure that there are no unauthorized transactions occurring.  We provide a number of resources that help make this process easier:

  • Check your transactions using Mobile Banking – you can view all your balances, recent transactions, make transfers, and setup bills to be paid
  • Setup an e-Alert through Online Banking for all debit card transactions that occur on your accounts. This will provide a quick notification of your transactions and can be sent to your email address or your phone as a text message.
  • Check your history through Online Banking.
  • Ensure that we have current and up-to-date contact information for you by reviewing it in Online Banking and submitted updates under “More Features”.
  • Contact us immediately upon noticing an unauthorized transaction so that we can take steps to return your funds and prevent additional loses through your card number.

Should I order a new card?

We do not believe that it is necessary at this time to immediately replace your card(s). If you feel that you need to have your existing card cancelled and a new card ordered, we are more than happy to take care of this for you and send a replacement.

How do I get in contact with Entrust Financial Credit Union?

You can reach us 24/7 by calling our office at 804-353-8012 or 800-944-3622. You can also reach our cards team at (for both Visa and MasterCard related questions). We will respond as quickly as possible during normal business hours.

Additional Sources of Information Regarding the Breach