Student Resource Guide

One of the biggest challenges that students face is handling their finances for the first time.

Below are some resources, suggestions, and questions you need to ask yourself (and your parents) for paving a smooth path to "financial success."


  • What will you pay for and what will your parents pay for, if anything? Some items include books, meal plans, food outside meal plan, entertainment, clothes, dorm accessories, etc. 
  • Will you need a job? On-campus jobs are typically more flexible around your class schedule but limit the number of hours you can work. Off-campus jobs require transportation to get there but oftentimes can pay better.

Saving & Spending

Paying For School

  • Will you or your parents need a loan? Click here for Student Loan information. 
  • Have you researched all the available scholarships? Click here to see scholarships that Entrust Financial CU offers. 
  • What kind of Financial Aid is available to you from your school?


  • What kind of transportation will you need while you're at school? 
  • Can you have and do you need a vehicle? Find out more about our auto loans!
  • Is there a bus that can take you around campus and the town?
  •  Does your school have a carpool system so you can catch rides with fellow students out of town?


  • Do you need a credit card? How will you begin building your credit score? Click here for information on our credit card options.