Help! There are charges on my card that I do not recognize. What do I do now?

There are two things that this unexpected charge could be. It is either a Merchant Dispute or Fraud Claim

A Merchant Dispute is where you or an authorized person uses your card in a transaction with a merchant but now there is problem with how it has been billed. This includes transactions for items like trial memberships and/or incorrect charges on the account. You will need to contact the merchant first to settle the issue.

A Fraud Claim is where you (or a person who you have authorized to use your card) never participated in the transaction with the merchant. This means that you did not provide any of the card information to the merchant at any time, not even for verification purposes. You will need to contact us immediately to cancel your card, and then fill out the form below. 

Cardholder Dispute or Fraud Form

Use this form to report debit or credit card fraud or disputed transactions.

Click here to download the Cardholder Dispute or Fraud Form.

Written Statement of Unauthorized Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Debit Form

An ACH Debit is electronically moving money between your account and a merchant's account. This is accomplished using the Federal Reserve Banking System, which requires your routing number and account number to directly debit the money from the account you have designated. The Written Statement of Unauthorized ACH debit must be used in an unauthorized debit posts to your account.

Use this form to report ACH fraud or disputed transactions.

Click here to download the Written Statement of Unauthorized ACH Debit Form

Form Instructions

Type your information directly into the downloaded form. Print the form. Sign your name where necessary on the application.

You may need to download Adobe Reader in order to access the forms.

Send the completed forms to Entrust Financial CU by fax, email, or mail:

Entrust Financial Credit Union
attn: Fraud
1801 Dabney Road
Richmond, VA 23230
Fax: (804) 359-4991

How can I prevent fraud from happening in the first place?

1. Monitor your account activity on a regular basis. Monitor your account activity regularly online by reviewing your monthly statements or by signing up to receiving e-Alert notifications when transactions post to your account. Please report any unauthorized transactions to the credit union immediately.e-Alert notifications can be set up through online banking.

2. Inform us if you are traveling with your cards. When you are traveling outside your local area, particularly overseas, it is important to contact Entrust Financial CU so your credit and debit cards will not be blocked. Our system is set up to keep your debit and credit cards safe and secure from theft. Notifying us of your international travel plans is easy through Online Banking in the "More Options" section. 

2. Be Cyber secure. There are a number of ways thieves can get your credit card information online. Make sure you have up-to-date security software, your operating system is up to date and double check your browser's privacy settings to help keep your financial information safe. Learn more about cyber-security, phishing, pharming, vishing & spoofing here.

For more information, check out our Fraud Protection Center, below. 

Fraud Protection Center

You can trust that your security is important to us. We keep you up-to-date on the latest security measures and tips of how to keep your money AND identity safe.