Applications & Forms

Application Instructions: Type your information directly into the downloaded application. Print the application. Sign your name where necessary on the application.

You may need to download Adobe Reader in order to access the applications.

Mail completed application to:
Entrust Financial Credit Union
attn: Member Services
1801 Dabney Road
Richmond, VA 23230

Member Application Form & Member ID Form - The Member ID form and Member Application form must be filled out together if not a current members and must be notarized. 

Debit Card Application - Apply for a Debit Card to access your funds from an ATM or make purchases with merchants or online. Apply for a business debit card here.

Credit Card Application - Choose from one of four kinds of credit cards - our GoodWorks Rewards Credit Card, GoodWorks Credit Card, Passage Rewards Credit Card or Passage Credit Card. You can also apply for a credit card online.

Balance Transfer Form - Transfer your credit balance from somewhere else to an Entrust Financial CU credit card. 

Skip a Payment - Complete this form to skip a payment on your loan. Please note that credit cards and real estate loans are not eligible for Skip Payments. 

Personal Loan Application - We offer low interest rates, reasonable payment plans, and payment protection. Find out more about personal loans by clicking here. You can also complete the application online.

Home Loan Application - Is purchasing a home in your near future? Apply for a home loan here. To find out more about the different types of mortgage loans that we offer, click here.

Vehicle Loan Application - Our vehicle loans have no hidden fees and you can pay off the loan with no penalties. For more information on our vehicle loan features, click here. You can also apply for a vehicle loan online.

Stop Payment Form - Use this form to place a stop payment order on an ACH debit* or a check drawn on your Entrust Financial CU account. *An ACH debit is a electronic debit that uses our routing number and your account number to clear your account.

Overdraft Privilege Opt-Out Form - Use this form to opt out of the entire Overdraft Privilege program. You may also opt out through Online Banking when choosing "Overdraft Opt Out" under the "More" tab.

Overdraft Privilege ATM Debit Opt-In Form - You may also opt out through Online Banking when choosing "Overdraft Opt In" under the "More" tab. Use this form to opt in the Overdraft Privilege program.

Check Order Form - Need to reorder checks? Log into Online Banking and select "Order Checks" from the "All Services" Tab. 

Cardholder Dispute or Fraud Form - Use this form to report debit or credit card fraud or disputed transactions.

Written Statement of Unauthorized ACH Debit Form - Use this form to report ACH fraud or disputed transactions.

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