Prepaid Visa Cards

Entrust Financial Credit Union offers the convenient option of using reloadable Prepaid Visa cards for everyday transactions. They are perfect for travelers, students or when you don't want to worry about maintaining a checking account. Your money can be easily added to your Prepaid Visa Card by you, and then used anywhere that Visa is accepted.

Prepaid Visa Cards must be purchased in our office. (At this time, cards are not available for purchase online.) They can be loaded with a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $5,000 (per day) at the credit union. This does not include the purchase price of $5.95. Cards may also be reloaded online here. It takes 2 - 3 days for the funds to become available on the card. You may choose from a wide variety of card designs, like the ones below:

Once your card has been purchased, you can manage your account directly here, or by downloading the CUMONEY mobile app.

For more information about our Prepaid Visa cards, please contact our Member Services team at or 804-353-8012. 

Using a Prepaid Visa Card

Understanding your Prepaid Visa Card balance is important. Your card can be used when making purchases from any merchant that accepts Visa. However, some card issuers place authorization tolerances on transactions at particular types of merchants, such as restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, mail order, and car rentals. Authorization tolerances add a percentage or fixed dollar amount to the cost of the transaction when it is submitted for approval. The purpose of an authorization tolerance is to cover any tip/gratuity that you may add to the purchase after the approval or to ensure that adequate funds are available to cover the final purchase.

For example, you have dinner at a restaurant and the total bill is $25.00. You have a $25.00 balance on your Prepaid Visa Card that you would like to use and it has a 20% authorization tolerance for restaurants. Therefore, when the restaurant uses your Prepaid Visa Card to pay the $25.00 bill it will be denied because 20% is added to the transaction amount and there was not sufficient funds to cover the $5 authorization tolerance.