Everyday Card


Entrust Financial Credit Union’s Everyday Card is a reloadable Visa® card that offers cardholders a better alternative. 

  • Easy to Use
  • 24-Hour Cash
  • Reloadable from anywhere
  • Zero Liability*

Order/Reload Online. To order online, you will need to use an Entrust Financial CU debit, credit, or prepaid card to complete the purchase.


Whether you’re out for a night-on-the-town or managing monthly finances, you can use our Everyday Card for purchases at millions of locations where Visa or Interlink debit cards are accepted. You benefit from favorable exchange rates and the convenience of accessing your funds 24 hours a day in local currency at any Visa/PLUS ATM worldwide. 


You can reload your Everyday Card by phone or online using your Entrust Financial Credit Union Debit Card or Credit Card, virtually anytime, anywhere. Stop by Entrust Financial Credit Union’s office to reload your card or reload via direct deposit (ACH) too.

Peace of Mind

Have a wedding to plan? Getting ready to cash out on your Christmas Club? Need more discipline for your budget? Put your money on the Everyday Card and have peace of mind knowing that you won’t go over your budget. 
Unlike cash, your Everyday Card can be replaced if lost or stolen, and is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.