Business/Ministry Loans

We offer several loans for ministries, including: Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Term Loans, and Commercial Real Estate.

Credit Cards

Our credit cards can satisfy your needs whenever, wherever and however. When you make a purchase with your Entrust Credit Card, we make a donation to our GoodWorks program on your behalf, which funds good work happening locally and around the world.

Lines of Credit

Lines of credit help the ministry balance cycles and needs.

  • Cover short-term cash needs until account receivable can be collected
  • Renovate facilities/upgrade equipment

Term Loans

Term Loans are commonly used for long-term financing and capital projects.

  • Expansion/remodeling of facilities
  • Purchases of equipment, furniture, fixtures and overall building improvements
  • Vehicle/bus or other transportation needs

Commercial Real Estate

Whether the ministry wants to purchase a new building, refinance, remodel, expand or build from the ground up. We would like to be a part of your planning and future.

  • Churches, business properties
  • Both owner and non-owner occupied properties
  • Rental housing
  • Combination business/residential properties