Multi-Currency Cash Passport

Multi-Currency Cash Passport

The Multi-currency Cash Passport™ Prepaid MasterCard is a chip and PIN protected, travel moneycard that can hold multiple major international currencies.The Cash Passport can carry multiple Currencies when you travel. Keep it loaded with the relevant Currency for your destination(s) as you travel. The Cash Passport isn’t just for one trip; it is reusable up to the expiration date shown on the card. 

Order Online.

Comes with advanced Chip and PIN security, as well as a magnetic stripe. Use the card anywhere Debit MasterCard and Maestro® acceptance marks are displayed.

Easily reload the card using the same online link where the card was purchased. 

Lost, stolen or damaged cards can be replaced in as little as 24 hours.* 

Ways to use this card:

  • Make purchases in shops and online
  • Pay for meals and activities
  • Pay in local currency
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs

Travelex Terms and Conditions

*Contact Travelex at 1.866.458.1193 or email for more information