Wire Funds Into ValleyStar (Receive)

How do I wire funds into my Entrust Financial CU account?
To send funds to your ValleyStar Credit Union account, you will need to contact the institution that will be sending the funds and provide the all the necessary information to get the funds to us.  Once we receive the wire, we will post the funds to your account.  The following details some of the important information most often asked when sending funds to us.

Incoming Wire Instructions (No SWIFT Required) – Most likely a domestic wire within the United States

Required Information:

ABA Number 251082288
Beneficiary Bank Name     ValleyStar Credit Union
Beneficiary Bank Address 1801 Dabney Rd., Richmond, VA 23230
Beneficiary Account Number    Insert Your Credit Union Account Number
Beneficiary Account Name   Insert Member Name

Incoming International Wire Instructions (If unable to initiate using the information above)

What is an incoming international payment?
An incoming international payment (or incoming wire) is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to your account from an overseas remitter.  In most cases a wire is the quickest way to receive funds from abroad (an incoming wire will normally take two-to-three business days to be credited to your account, or the best available value date).

How does it work?
The remitter should send the funds in their own currency, and Western Union Business Solutions will convert them into U.S. Dollars before forwarding to Entrust Financial Credit Union for credit to your account.

What do I need to do to receive money to my account?

  1. Click on the link: https://secure.westernunion.com/forms/tt/na/?clientid=59420-US
  2. Choose the country you are receiving funds from.
  3. Complete the relevant information in the online form and submit.
  4. You will be then presented with the PDF deposit instructions.
  5. Present these instructions to your institution when remitting a payment to Entrust.
  6. When remitting a wire to the beneficiary account at Entrust you must ensure that you are sending the correct currency to the designated currency account. (For example if you are sending funds from Europe you will have to send EUROS currency. If you send the incorrect currency to the wrong account the funds will be automatically rejected back)
  7. Instruct the sending institution to include payment note Entrust Financial Credit Union and <Your name>  in the reference field as specified in the PDF deposit instructions 

How much does it cost to receive a wire?
Click here for current fee schedule.

What time are incoming wires processed?
Incoming wires are processed Monday through Friday by 3pm EST.

What happens to an incoming wire that is received, but is missing information such as an account number?
We will try to locate the proper recipient based on all the information provided. If we are unable to determine who the recipient is, the wire will be rejected as account not found.