Wire Funds Into Entrust Financial CU (Receive)

How do I wire funds into my Entrust Financial CU account?

To send funds to your Entrust Financial CU account, you will need to contact the institution that will be sending the funds and provide the all the necessary information to get the funds to us.  Once we receive the wire, we will post the funds to your account.  The following details some of the important information most often asked when sending funds to us.

Incoming Wire Instructions (No SWIFT Required) – Most likely a domestic wire within the United States

Required Information:

ABA Number 251082288
Beneficiary Bank Name     Entrust Financial Credit Union
Beneficiary Bank Address 1801 Dabney Rd., Richmond, VA 23230
Beneficiary Account Number    Insert Entrust Financial CU Account Number
Beneficiary Account Name   Insert Entrust Financial CU Member Name

Incoming Wire Instructions (SWIFT Code Required) – Most likely an international wire from outside the United States

Swift Code Field Tag  Required Information  
57A                                          SWIFT Address IRVTUS3N
  ABA Number 021000018
  Beneficiary Bank Name Bank of New York Mellon
  Beneficiary Bank Address 1 Wall Street, New York, NY 10286
59 Beneficiary Account Number 8900690429
  Beneficiary Account Name Western Union Business Solutions (USA), LLC
  REF 59420-US, FCC, Entrust Member Name, Entrust Member Number

How much does it cost to receive a wire?

It costs $5.00 per wire received with no SWIFT code and $23.00 per wire received with a SWIFT code.

What time are incoming wires processed?

Incoming wires are processed Monday through Friday by 3pm EST.

What happens to an incoming wire that is received, but is missing information such as an account number?

Entrust Financial CU will try to locate the proper recipient based on all the information provided. If we are unable to determine who the recipient is, the wire will be rejected as account not found.