Online Banking FAQ


Online Banking is designed to provide the latest in security measures to protect you and your financial information from unauthorized access. The registration process identifies you and your devices so you can authenticate to your account information. Click here for instructions to setup your Online Banking as well as conduct Funds Transfers.

Can I use my Member Number to login to the new Online Banking? No.You will need to create a username to login. It can be a combination of letters, and numbers, but for security reasons cannot be your member number. Usernames must be between 6-20 characters long.

Are there any password requirements? Yes, your password must be 8 to 21 characters in length and it must have one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number.


I’m locked out. How do I get in? The system will automatically reset a temporary lock after a few minutes. If you receive a ‘permanent’  lock, the credit union will need to unlock your access. Please contact us at (804) 353-8012 or

I forgot my username.  How do I find it? Click the I Forgot My Username link and follow the instructions provided to retrieve your username.

I forgot my Password.  How do I reset it? Click the I Forgot My Passwordlink and follow the instructions provided to reset your password.


What is a site marker? A site marker is an image only you know about. Make sure you verify this image before you enter your password each time you log in. You may choose an image from the gallery provided.

What is a One-Time Password (OTP)? To provide enhanced security for certain transactions, such as changing your personal settings or certain transactions, Online Banking uses a One-Time Password (OTP). In such cases, this password is sent either to your email or your mobile device, or both, and you are then prompted to enter the code online to continue with the action that triggered the prompt. As part of the registration process, you are asked to specify how you want these passwords to be delivered.

What is a Challenge Question? A Challenge Question helps identify you as the authorized user of your account during login. You set up your questions during registration and one will be randomly selected upon future logins. Note: For a faster login experience, you may choose to register your computer. If you do, you will no longer be asked these questions when logging on that computer. Please make sure you register computers that only you have access to and is not a public terminal.                        

What is a widget?  A widget is a dedicated window on your dashboard that allows you to quickly perform common tasks. Each widget window displays specific information about your account. For example, you can use the dashboard widget to quickly schedule a transfer and review the status of upcoming and recent transfers.

How do I access Bill Pay? From the dashboard in Online Banking, click the All Services tab, and then select Bill Pay.

How do I access Alerts and eStatements?  You can then access these eCommunications from the All Services tab.

Where can I get Online Help? The Help tab will provide you with answers relevant to what you are trying to do. There is a Search feature and a Table of Contents as well.

Can I access Online Banking from my mobile device? When accessing our public site, you will be presented with the sign in option to Online Banking or Mobile Banking based on your screen size/resolution. This is intended to provide you with the best experience on your device whether it is a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Mobile Banking is designed to provide you with nearly the same information that you can retrieve in Online Banking. Should you desire to use the Online Banking (Desktop) version on your mobile device - which the site is not optimized for smaller screens, you can access the login by clicking here.

I still have questions.  If you still have questions about the new Online Banking, please contact us at contact us at (804) 353-8012 or


How do I get to my credit card information? Credit cards are now listed on the Account Summary under the Loans section.  Simply click on the card to be taken to your credit card information.

How do I get a copy of my statement online? If you are enrolled in eStatements, you can obtain statement copies by clicking All Services, then eStatements  from within Online Banking. If you are not currently enrolled in eStatements, please contact us for paper copies. Fees may apply.

How do I change my Challenge Questions? You can change your Challenge Questions at any time by clicking on the My Account Profile menu and then selecting the Security Options tab. You’ll see an option for Challenge Questions drop down and this is where you will change your questions and answers. 

Why can’t I reorder my checks online? If you have not placed a check order with us, or if it’s been a while since your last check order, please contact us at (804) 353-8012 or to reorder your checks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I download transactions? From the Dashboard within Online Banking , click on the name of the account you wish to download transactions for – this will take you to the Account Summary page.  In the header box above your transactions, there is a Transaction Download button under your account name.  Choose the FILE TYPE, TRANSACTION DATE RANGE and CATEGORY.  Click the Download Transactions button.

Can I add additional users to my account in Online Banking? Yes. From the Dashboard within Online Banking, click on Settings, then My Users, and then Add a Secondary User.

How do I change my account connectivity in Quicken? Click here for step-by-step instructions for changing your Quicken connectivity settings in the new Online Banking

Will there be a separate login option for joint members? Yes, joint members will be able to access the new Online Banking with separate login information. This means each member will have a unique username and password. Below are instructions to add a secondary user.

To add a secondary user:

1. Open the Settings tab and click the My Users tab.

2. Click the Add New Secondary User button. The Create New User – User Information window opens.

3. Define a Username, and enter the user’s first and last name, phone number, email, and address.

4. Click Next.

5. On the Accountstab you can use the profile of an existing secondary user or create a new profile. This profile will determine which accounts and applications the user can access online. When done click Next.

6. As a final step an email invitation is sent to the new user’s email address to register for Online Banking access. You are also given an activation code for this user that they will need to use to complete registration.

7. Click the Done button


What is the dashboard? The dashboard is the landing page or home page for Online Banking. It provides a quick overview of your accounts and balances.  Widgets allow you to perform  frequent or specific tasks quickly and easily. To go to the full version of a widget, simply click on the MAXIMIZE icon in the upper right hand corner of that widget.

What is a widget? A widget is a dedicated window on your dashboard that allows you to quickly perform common tasks. Each widget window displays specific information about your account. For example, you can use the dashboard widget to quickly schedule a transfer and review the status of upcoming and recent transfers.