Plan Ahead

Planning ahead allows you to understand where you've been and where you're going with your spending and saving.

Teach Your Children Financial Independence

Are your kids on the right track to financial independence? Achieving economic prosperity is difficult, and it's especially hard for young people who've never learned how to manage money.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Teach Them to be Wild About Saving

We’d be “lion” if we said saving was easy. Teach children how to save for their goals and they’ll have one of the most difficult aspects of finance under their belt by the time they're teens—being consistent savers.

Buying vs Renting

Both renting a place and buying a home come with their own sets of pros and cons. Which one is a better deal? Ultimately, it will come down to your financial situation. Take a look at these renting and buying advantages and disadvantages to help you make the decision.

The White Glove Approach

How often have you called your financial institution, or even doctor's office and received unfriendly service? When considering switching financial institutions, looking for the “white glove approach” in terms of customer service can not only save you a headache, but also time.

Beware of Holiday Faudsters

During the holiday season, fraudsters are often ready to steal cash and personal information as you’re doing your holiday shopping. Take a look at these strategies that can help you in detecting and avoiding falling victim to fraud and identity theft this holiday season.

Making the Switch

Even if you take great care of your car, high-priced repairs become unavoidable as you put more and more mileage on your car each year. Should you keep repairing your car, or start looking at switching and purchasing a new one? Ask yourself these five questions before making your decision.

Free Resource: Personal Asset Inventory

It's important to document and keep an inventory of all of your personal assets, making sure that your loved ones will know that they can find all of your important information in one place if they need to access it. We're providing you with a free personal asset inventory. 

Top 10 Car-Buying Tips

Looking at buying a new or used vehicle? Follow these top 10 car-buying tips to ensure a bump-free experience.

Get Real: Real Estate by Equity Concepts

The real estate market is huge. Consider all the different types of property you see on a daily basis: medical buildings, apartments, raw land, shopping centers, banks and gas stations. It surprises people to learn that these are types of real estate you can own inside your portfolio.