Unique Ways to Save Money


There is rarely a person walking down the street who hasn’t been affected by these economic times. With the rising inflation, we’ve noticed grocery bills increasing and we've even seen gas prices reach as high as $4 a gallon. Not to mention you probably haven’t received a raise in over four years. (Most are thankful just to have a job.)

While many of us are coupon-clipping and cutting out the morning latte, sometimes it’s just not enough to keep our bottom line in the green. So what does everybody do to get by and give themselves a little edge over the rest? We took it to the streets to find out.

Glue the Goods

“We used to put our vacation money in a clear piggy bank, but since we saw the money through the clear glass, it was easy to dip into it. Now we glued a lid on a coffee can and put change or a few dollars in there every day. We can’t break it open until it’s time for vacation!” – Lisa

Go to Google

“I google for coupons. I look around for what I want to buy online and at what store, then google for coupons at that store. If that store doesn’t have any available, I look for the same product at another store.” – John

Sites such as coupons.com and retailmenot.com are popping up to make sure that you don’t pay full price for anything. Visa also came up with its own coupon program called Visa Discount Offers, which gives you discounts to hundreds of big-brand stores when you use your Visa debit or credit card. Also keep an eye out for coupons and discounts on sites such as Groupon and Living Social.

Prescription Payback

“I had my doctor write me a prescription for exercise so I can claim it on my flexible spending!” – Stephanie

Take Off the Landline

“It was so silly for my husband and I to have cell phone and a land line. I know it’s only $10 a month, but that $120 a year we saved by cutting it off almost covers a month’s worth of groceries!” – Kendra

Read Your Receipt

“The bottom of my CVS receipts always have coupons, but sometimes it gives me cash back at that store. Once I got $25 cash back!” – Linda

Balance Transfer for Budgeting

“When my credit union was having a special balance transfer promotion, I took advantage of it! We transferred our credit card balance to their card with a low rate for the life of the balance, so we are paying less in interest as we pay it off. “ – Allyson

Shave for Savings

“I just cut my own hair this morning!” – Craig (And it didn’t look half bad!)

Bath Water Watering

“My father puts bath water, water from the washing machine, and any other ‘used’ water in jugs and then waters his plants with it. Saves him money on his water bill.” – Diane

Coins, not Cash

“I once read that you are less likely to dip into your savings stash at home if it’s all in change. So instead of cash, I have money from each paycheck given to me in rolled coin. I put that coin in a large “coin bucket” to keep for a rainy day.” – Stefanie

Go Shopping

“I heard credit unions have lower rates and fees than lots of banks out there, so I decided to shop a credit union and see what they could do with my accounts and loans. It turns out they saved me $11 a month because there were no maintenance fees associated with the checking account, like at my current bank, and they refinanced my vehicle loan from 6% to 2.99%.” – Greta

Healthy Eating Helps

“I know healthy food is more expensive, but it really saves you money in the long run – it helps me avoid doctor bills.” – Sandra

Did you know that more than 60% of US bankruptcies are causing by not being able to pay medical bills?*

Insurance Intuitions

“At one point I had a different insurance company for my auto, my home, etc. I shopped around a few agencies and was able to combine everything into one, and it saved me a lot of money! Insurance companies will give you a break when you have more coverage with them.” – Curt

Looking for more ideas to save money? Ask your family and friends what their tips are, and you might be surprised at how creative people can be.