The White Glove Approach

White Glove Approach

How many times have you called your financial institution, credit card company, or even doctor’s office and been met with unfriendly service or been passed off to someone else? These days, it’s very rare to reach a customer service representative and have that person help you throughout the phone call, answer all your questions, and all with a smile in their voice!

When considering switching financial institutions, looking for the “white glove approach” in terms of customer service can not only save you a headache, but also time.

With the credit union experience, it is a collective goal for you to work with the same representative from start to finish, and not be passed onto someone else. Due to the local nature of the credit union, Member Service Representatives really get to know members very well. Because of this, the representatives understand what you as a member want and how they can assist you. In addition, they are well informed about the products and services the credit union has to offer, and can easily steer you in the right direction.

There is no better feeling than calling a place of business and having the person who answers the phone help you from start to finish, along with that previously mentioned smile in their voice!

When choosing a financial institution, make sure you also make customer service one of your top priorities.

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