Free Resource: Personal Asset Inventory

It's important to document and keep an inventory of all of your personal assets, making sure that your loved ones will know that they can find all of your important information in one place if they need to access it. We're providing you with a free personal asset inventory. 

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Steward

Clean up your finances! Whether you want to get out of debt, develop a budget, or find the best rate on your next loan, these 5 steps will help you become a better financial steward.

Looking for Yield? by Equity Concepts

The “good old days” when you could purchase a Certificate of Deposit and earn 6% are long gone. This is especially difficult for retirees who are counting on those income producing assets. So where do you find yield?

Used, Not Abused: Finding and Buying a Used Car

We all know the stereotype--used car salesmen are more interested in their Hawaiian shirts, plaid sport coats, and the size of your pocketbook than in actually selling a decent vehicle. While some of it may ring true, your used car buying experience doesn't have to end in a bad joke.

Unique Ways to Save Money

While many of us are coupon-clipping and cutting out the morning latte, sometimes it’s just not enough to keep our bottom line in the green.

10 steps to Protect Against ID Theft on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday - it's the busiest day of the year for deal-seekers, online shoppers, and unfortunately, identity thieves. Read these 10 tips for a safer Cyber Monday and help keep your identity secure while shopping. 

10 Things to Avoid Buying on Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here. While it may seem like you’re getting a great deal, it’s not always the case. Take a look at our list of what not to buy on Black Friday, and make sure that you are making smart financial decisions. 

Beware of Holiday Fraudsters

During the holiday season, fraudsters are often ready to steal cash and personal information as you’re doing your holiday shopping. Take a look at these strategies that can help you in detecting and avoiding falling victim to fraud and identity theft this holiday season.