Get Real: Real Estate by Equity Concepts

The real estate market is huge. Consider all the different types of property you see on a daily basis: medical buildings, apartments, raw land, shopping centers, banks and gas stations. It surprises people to learn that these are types of real estate you can own inside your portfolio.

6 Ways to Keep Teens Safe on Social Media

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5 Identity Theft Myths Busted

There are millions of victims of identity theft in the United States each year. Despite this, most are still passive about protecting their identity. Here are five common myths from LifeLock surrounding identity theft.

Top 5 Mortgage Myths

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Phishing Alert: Be Aware.

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How to Budget for Unplanned Expenses

You’ve finally mastered your monthly budget, but an unexpected expense comes up and throws you a curve ball. Occasional unexpected expenses can throw even the most experienced “budgeter” for a loop if not prepared. 

10 Financial Tips

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Paying Off Student Loans

It is no secret that the amount of debt that the average student graduates with continues to rise. The average student loan debt for the class of 2012 was $29,400. So, how should you pay off this staggering amount of money? The answer can be discovered when looking at three scenarios.

The Secret Ingredients to a Credit Union

You've heard of the credit union difference, but what exactly is a credit union and what do they consist of? All credit unions are guided by 7 principles. We like to think of it as our secret ingredients.

Top 10 Car-Buying Tips

Looking at buying a new or used vehicle? Follow these top 10 car-buying tips to ensure a bump-free experience.