Advocacy in Action

Advocacy in Action

We are proud to support our members in the legislative process. The U.S democratic process was designed to provide a voice to its citizens. The laws enacted by the legislative bodies in both Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA touch all of our lives on a daily basis. Our participation is to provide a voice for the consumer and to support laws that enable our members to live out their financial dreams. Getting involved is the only way to ensure that the process is successful.

We are proud to participate and we are not alone. Credit Unions across the country also represent and lend their voices to the consumers we serve. The best way for our efforts to succeed is by having our members participate as well. We may provide the representatives for the one-on-one meetings, but you too can participate through contacting your legislative representatives. Stand up with us for the rights of our members and consumers every where to get the financial products and services they need to live their dreams.

The Virginia Credit Union Political Action Committee (VACUPAC)

VACUPAC is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization that raises and disperses funds to political candidates who are supportive of credit union issues. They ensure that we have a voice in the government. There continues to be so many new laws and regulations that affect how we serve our members, and many ultimately affect our ability to offer some services. It is more critical than ever that credit unions have a voice with our legislators and our PAC donations help give us that voice.

Why Contribute to VACUPAC?

  • Bankers have made taxation and burdensome regulation of credit unions priorities on their legislative agenda in order to put credit unions out of business. Lawmakers are pursuing a rewrite of the federal tax code that might eliminate credit unions’ exemption from federal income tax.
  • We need a big voice in the halls of Congress and the General Assembly so your credit union won’t be legislated or regulated into becoming for-profit, like a bank.
  • Political action committees allow a group of citizens with a common interest to pool resources, enabling them to support candidates by making larger contributions. Credit union members increase the strength of their voices by joining together and contributing to VACUPAC
Help protect the future of credit unions by making a contribution to VACUPAC today! Thank you for your support!

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Opportunities for Members to Get Involved Today

As a member, you know that Entrust Financial Credit Union is owned and directed by you. Unlike banks that maximize profits for a small group of investors, we exist to serve our members, including working families, small businesses, and the Christian community. Because we return benefits to our members, we are able to offer higher returns on savings and lower fees. That’s why your credit union is not-for-profit and tax exempt.

Now banks and some politicians in Washington are talking about reforming the tax code and possibly taxing credit unions like Entrust Financial Credit Union, despite the fact that we are not-for-profit. They say we can balance the Federal budget by taxing credit unions, even though credit unions hold only 6% of all financial assets nationwide, and banks hold the rest.

Since credit unions are not-for-profit, taxing credit unions could even destroy credit unions as we know it, eliminating financial choice for consumers.

A tax on credit unions is really just a tax on you the member. That’s why I am writing to urge you send a strong message to Congress: “Don’t Tax My Credit Union.”

Contact your United States Representative and Senators today ...  click here to do it online!