MasterPass and Mobile Pay

MasterPass from Entrust Financial CU

Skip the usual checkout routine online with MasterPass from Entrust Financial CU!

It’s time to change the way you checkout online.

MasterPass from Entrust Financial CU is a free digital wallet that lets you skip the chore of filling out online checkout forms. Load it once, and you don’t have to re-enter your shipping addresses, loyalty card and payment information again. It’s so easy to use ─ just check out quickly and securely anywhere you see the BUY WITH MasterPassbutton.

The things you want, the security you need.

Since MasterPass from Entrust Financial CU uses MasterCard®technology, you’ll know your information is safe and secure when shopping online with MasterPass. The multi-tiered security built in to MasterPass from Entrust Financial CU makes this service as safe as it is fast and convenient.

Buy with MasterPass from Entrust Financial CU. It’s the shortest distance between finding and having.

Look for the BUY WITH MasterPass button when shopping online. Use it with the click of a mouse, touch of a tablet or tap of a smartphone ─ at home, in a store or on the go!

Don’t have a MasterPass from Entrust Financial CU wallet yet?

Create one today and load your Entrust Financial Credit Union MasterCard or any other card. It’s free and so easy. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

We are also excited to introduce Apple, Android and Samsung Pay for your Entrust credit or debit card. Please select your corresponding payment system based on your mobile device.

Apple devices - Apple Pay

Android devices -Android Pay

Samsung devices - Samsung Pay